• The COVID-19 crisis has changed how we live, work and play. Some of these changes will likely continue after the virus is gone.? Some states and cities are in a virtual lock down, whereas in other areas real estate and other “essential businesses” are continuing on, in limited ways, while practicing the social distancing policies set forth by government officials.

    In that regard, in locations where we can continue to create listing content, we will do so under the below practices. Note this includes your and your seller’s cooperation to make it safe for all parties involved. Our photographers are in and out of many houses every day and their exposure needs to be minimized to ensure the safety of all.

    In markets where third-party services have been banned, we can still help you create great content for your listing. See our Self Service page that provides options on how you can do things yourself, including how we can help you create floor plans from any source and do photo enhancement of your images.

    Content Buyers Want

    The FloorPlanOnline virtual tour is the perfect marketing tool for your listings because it includes the content (floor plans) that Buyers deem most important as part of their online search (see the Power of Plans report), it helps convince sellers to pick you (because Sellers were once Buyers), and it keeps your brand with lead capture form on your virtual tour on 97% of the top 10 websites, including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.


    Best Practices for COVID-19

    • Reschedule the shoot if any of the occupants or you are feeling ill or have been in contact with COVID-19
    • Disinfect commonly touched areas like doors, light switches, etc
    • BEFORE the photographer arrives – have all lights on, blinds up and the property needs to be ready for a shoot.? We will not be touching or moving anything, so we will be shooting “as is” and we want to minimize the time in any property so if it is not ready when we arrive, the shoot will need to be rescheduled and there will be a trip charge assessed.
    • Practice social distancing – this means the only person in the house should be the photographer and there should be a minimum of 15 minutes where no one is in the house before and after.? The family and pets need to be out of the house by at least the 15 minute rule.

    Other helpful prep tips:

    Exterior Areas

    • remove cars from view if possible
    • close windows
    • sweep or blow sidewalks, decks and yard
    • remove clutter, garden tools, hoses, trash cans from view
    • stage outdoor living areas
    • clean Pool & surrounding areas
    Kitchen & Dining Areas

    • remove Art From Refrigerator
    • wipe down appliances
    • remove clutter like small appliances from counters
    • clean sink and other areas
    • stage eating areas (if desired) to show lifestyle vignettes
    Bathrooms & Bedrooms

    • make the beds and remove any clutter under them
    • remove general clutter like clothes, cords, and toys
    • clean shower doors and sinks
    • put the toilet lids DOWN
    • Clean mirrors
    • hang freshly folded towels
    ??General Prep

    • less is more – de-clutter as much as possible
    • any landscaping or yard work should be done a day or two before, NOT during the shoot
    • if aerial is involved, make sure anything visible is put away
    • unlock doors or provide lock box access instructions
    • provide contact follow up so photographer can call or text when done