• Embedded Content

    Tour content can be embedded into your website or a blog (such as a WordPress website). ?

    Why would you want to do this?

    • KEEP users on your site vs clicking into a new tab
    • SHOW the great listing content – the visual attracts engagement
    • GET MORE PEOPLE?seeing the content – you lose 50% of your viewers with each click.
    • INCREASE YOUR SEO – the embedded content increases time on YOUR site, which helps SEO

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    Any tour or any content of?any tour can quickly and easily be added to YOUR website. ? Plus, if you use a self-hosted WordPress set-up for your website or blog , we make it even easier with our WordPress plugin (WordPress does break our normal code for this, so you do need to use the plugin to make it work on WordPress). ?We offer two ways to embed the content – a Pop-up Tour or the Embedded Tour. ?Just configure what kind of content you want to show, and copy and paste it into any blog post or page. ?It is a GREAT way to add more content to what buyers want to see (floor plans), and get people coming to your site and keeping them their longer. ?This helps you sell more properties, get more listings, and it improves the SEO (search engine optimization) stats for your website or blog.

    Pop-Up Tour
    You can use our Pop-up Tour widget and put it anywhere…such as in your page or in a sidebar widget area. ?This is a great option if the content area for your page is narrow (like 600 pixels or less). ?Just use our button (you can upload your own as well) and when clicked, it pops the larger window over your site so you can maximize the view based on the user’s screen, not limited by your website layout.

    Embedded Tour
    Or…embed the whole tour into your website. ?The cool thing about WordPress and many themes out there is you can create different layouts for different pages. ?So, for property listings, why not create a wide layout so you can showcase the property with all the great content you are creating. ? With our embedded content you can put the whole tour content right into your website, just like this.

    Configure what and how you want to show things

    Our content tool allows you to pick what you want show and how it should be shown. ?Want to just show the RoomPlanner tool like below, just check the box to show it and copy the code. ?Just want to show the video, ditto. ?You can create as many content widgets as you want and use them anywhere. ?Never before has a virtual tour system become a real Real Estate Marketing System.

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