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    Create free “Lite” tours or energize your marketing throughout the whole ownership lifecycle with?HomeDiary PRO, that includes free access to our 3D FloorPlan tool and sponsorship on all your clients’ HomeDiary accounts!
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    Texas Association of Realtors

    Free Lite Tours as a Member Benefit!

    As a TAR Member you get FREE, unlimited virtual tours:

    • Webpage or Full Screen Tour Theme
    • Feature up to 25 photos in Gallery & Video
    • Editable video with transitions, text and music options
    • Youtube and Mobile Video (PRO subscription only)
    • 2 Property Flyer options with xpressdocs printing
    • Details Page, Maps, Contact Form
    • Works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
    • Includes sharing to Realtor.com, the MLS, Facebook & more
    • Includes the?Craigslist Ad poster with Call2Action photo
    • FloorPlan Content & Tools (PRO subscription only)
    • HomeDiary’s Claim Home for Buyer
    • Sponsorship on unlimited Client HomeDiaries?(PRO subscription only)
    • Email support?during business hours

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    Get even more with our HomeDiary PRO Subscription Plan!

    HomeDiary PRO. Tools for the homeownership lifecycle.

    • Enhance your Listings with FREE 2D & 3D FloorPlan Drawing (or $30 clean-ups/conversions), lead capture, YouTube/Mobile Video, editable flyers, enhanced mobile and new single property website options coming soon. ?
    • Enhance your Client Relationships by proving a sponsored HomeDiary to all of your clients and be remembered over time. Its a great documentation tool for insurance and it includes tools to get people coming back, including our 3D SpacePlanner – its like HGTV for any home.

    Unlimited Listings. ?Unlimited Sponsorships. ?Go PRO. ?Compare Options.

    View our video on how HomeDiary PRO can help your business!

    Want it done for you?

    We have partnered with Twist Tours in Austin and San Antonio to provide onsite services that include HDR photography, Matterport, floor plans, aerial images, video and more. ?To get an overview of the services and pricing offered, check out TwistTours.com. Our platform, their service. ?It’s a great combination! ?We also have floor plan services in other parts of Texas.?
    Mobile Optimized Tours
    It Rocks on the iPad!
    Hold your iPad in landscape view, and the content tabs are on top and the content layout is optimized for that view. ?Rotate it, and the tabs shift to the side and content shifts for portrait view. ?The Interactive FloorPlan also works perfectly, unlike other solutions! ?It is the most advanced tour viewer for the iPad. Period. ? Plus…No special links to remember – it just works .


    Our virtual tour marketing system includes some amazing tools as part of the free Lite Plan, but check out our paid features (designated with the icon BEFORE the feature), including FloorPlans, the #2 content item requested by buyers!

    Photo Gallery & Video

    Webpage or HD Full Screen tour with automated video included!? Paid accounts will have access to our future single property website theme, coming int he Fall of 2017!

    YouTube Videos

    Enhance videos with clips & agent bookends. ?Exact copy is automatically uploaded to YouTube, with customizable intro and exit slides.

    Interactive FloorPlans

    Click hotspots for photos. Works perfectly on mobile. Embeddable code (and WordPress plugin) for agent’s site and more!

    3D FloorPlan & Designer

    Draw floor plans for FREE!?Plus use our drag & drop furniture tool to let buyers plan their spaces and view in cool 3D. ?Add colored floor plans and 3D photo snapshots?for enhanced marketing!

    Customizable Brochures

    2 Template options for Lite users. Upgraded accounts have 15+ templates, with floor plans built-in (if applicable) to use for offline and online marketing. See Sample.

    Mobile Friendly

    View on smartphones & tablets via same?tour link. QR code included.? Add mobile video & Interactive FloorPlans.

    Tour Syndication

    Link to MLS & tour distributed via IDX/Listhub for free. Free Realtor.com and YouTube, plus quickly post Facebook or other social media. Craiglist?Poster?& Call2Action Photo.

    Tour Reporting

    Visits, Visitors, Referring sites and more. ?Email tour reports on a scheduled basis.


    Our exclusive Brandkeepr technology converts unbranded to branded for maximum Lead opportunities.?Easily adjust sites for maximum exposure!

    Lead Capture

    Event-based Lead Capture turns floor plans into lead machines! Our unique Call2Action Photo gets more clicks from more places too!

    Social Media Tools

    Facebook and other quick posting to social networks, and?HomeDiary.com sponsorship via branded tour, our new Home Management platform that extends the life of your great listing content!

    Featured Listing Page

    View all listings on single page with agent branding, or embeddable on agent websites.
    Do More with PRO Subscription
    Paid accounts also have?embeddable code & a WordPress plugin that allows for easy tour embedding, just like the button on the right – click it to try it! This keeps users on your site and increases your SEO benefits! You can also upload listing documents, embed custom videos or other tours, and add links to local sites to really customize your tour.

    Tour Samples

    Three great, customizable themes that showcase the listing content and agent branding

    (click an image for a sample)

    Web Page Tour
    Web Page Tour Default Theme for Lite Users. Single Property Website style with added features like background images and property description.
    Full Screen HD Tour

    Full Screen HD Tour

    Responsive, true 1920×1080 tour that looks amazing?on any screen. ?Huge content showcases great features.

    Tabbed Tour

    Embedded Tour

    Format used for our embedded tour widget. ?Add to your WordPress page or blog using our plugin!?

    Tour Customization

    Agent branding, unlimited colors, customizable content display, property documents and embeddable custom videos or code (like from YouTube, Vimeo or even Matterport). ?And of course, your url, photo, logo and link back to your website.

    Compare Plans

    Use our FREE Lite tours for a basic tour, or get robust functionality, including 3D FloorPlans, with a?paid plan option! ?There is no set up fee or software to download. ?Extra fees for upgrades may apply.?

    Full Service Available too!

    If you live in the Austin and San Antonio markets, we have you covered with full service! ?We have partnered with Twist Tours to provide onsite services that include HDR photography, Matterport, floor plans, aerial images, video and more. ?To get an overview of the services and pricing offered, check out TwistTours.com.

    Brokerage?or Company Discounts

    Do you have multiple agents you want to sign up for our paid subscription plan? We offer volume discounts! The more agents that sign up, the cheaper it is for all of you! Please Contact Sales at 866-810-3816, option 2 to inquire about our subscription plan for Brokerages & Companies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out our FAQs. ?Have more questions? ?Send us an email using the form below, or call us at 866-810-3816,?option 2 for Sales

    Have a Question?
    Please use this form to send us a question.

    What is HomeDiary?
    HomeDiary.com is a homeowner management platform created by the people behind www.fqqkk.com. ? HomeDiary allows the great content created to sell the home to be taken over by the buyer via the Claim Home button, and used as a tool before and as the new buyers live in their home! ?HomeDiary also comes with other free tools built in, including Timeline (allows users to document home related activities – the Who Did What, Where, When and for How Much), Inventory (allows owners to create a digital record of their spaces for insurance purposes), Ideas (kind of like a private Pinterest where photos and links can be saved to spaces), 3D Spaces (leverages our 3D floor plan tool to allow any home to have an HGTV-like 3D floor plan tool, and Reminders (keep track and on schedule with those home related tasks). ?We are also working on an iOS app to leverage some of the cool technology Apple has created with their ARKit developer tools and simplify the home documentation process.

    The HomeDiary Overview Video

    No other virtual tour system has this functionality, not to mention the floor plan oriented tools that go along with it. As an agent with a HomeDiary PRO account, you will get branded and unbranded virtual tours for all of your listings, and you also get FREE sponsorship placement on the buyer’s HomeDiary as a courtesy for you providing the floor plan, if they claim the home via the branded tour. ?Plus, you can invite your client base for free and get sponsorship on all of their HomeDiaries, so now you will be seen each time someone uses HomeDiary to manage their home. If you have 5,000 people in your database, invite them! ?It is all included in the subscription fee.

    HomeDiary is a great way to keep in touch with your sphere of influence in a relevant home-related site. Plus, it can give you a reason to reach out to your clients on best practices of how people should be managing their home, like documenting what is in their home for insurance purposes! ?According to our research, around 75% of homeowners have NO system to document what is in their home. ?The other 25% typically took photos and either keep them on their phone or in a safe. ?Well if disaster strikes and your clients lose everything (think of all the fires, tornados and hurricanes recently), how are they going to build a list of what was in their house if everything is gone? ? Help your clients help themselves and give them the gift of HomeDiary. ?It doesn’t cost you anything more beyond the subscription fee, and it is always free to them, even if you cancel!

    Check it out at www.homediary.com

    What are the costs?
    There are no costs to use the Lite Tour. ?That is completely free, however, the Lite Tour does have a limited feature set. ?See our Features for what is included in the various plans. If you become a subscriber, there is either the annual or monthly subscription fee (which is discounted for TAR members). ?This allows you to create unlimited tours and unlocks many more features, like the ability to draw floor plans at no extra cost and invite all of your clients in your database to HomeDiary, which is then sponsored by you! ?You can upload floor plan images in jpeg format and use “as is” for free – drag and drop photos and create interactive floor plans within a few minutes. We also have other ways to add floor plans:

    • Draw FloorPlans – Now FREE!?Includes 3D views and snapshots?and virtual staging tools
    • FloorPlan Clean-up – upload your sketches, architectural plans or even appraiser sketches and we can clean it up to create a great marketing floor plan. ?Pricing is $30 for up to 5,000 sq ft!
    • FloorPlan Creation – we visit the property and create the floor plan for you, onsite! ?Pricing starts at $139 for 1000 sq ft.

    Why add a floor plan? ?First, buyers want to see them! ?According to the most recent NAR research report of buyers, 55% of buyers thought floorplans were “VERY USEFUL” in their search process, and well over 80% (per discussions with NAR research staff) thought they were at least useful in their online search process. ?If you were prequalifying homes, wouldn’t you want to know the bedroom and bathroom layouts? ? Second, HomeDiary, ?Buyers can claim their home right for the tour and take over the cool content created to sell the home, including the 2D and 3D floor plan and listing photos! ?They new buyer can use the 3D Designer to plan their furniture placement, change flooring or wall colors virtually, or even experiment with what removing a wall might look like, all virtually! ?According to our research, buyers view these features as very helpful content to help them start managing their home!

    Source: National Association of Realtors Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017?

    How do I sign up?
    In order to sign-up for the Free Lite Plan or the discounted subscription, you need to sign-up under the TAR company account. Use the links or buttons on this page…or Click the button below.

    TAR Sign-Up!

    If you want to create a company account underneath TAR, please first create a regular account and then contact us to convert it to a company account.

    You can also sign up for a paid subscription account and receive the discounted price – about 50% off our normal rates!

    How do I manage accounts & tours?
    We have a robust order management system where you can create tours, draw floor plans for listings and edit the photo and video sequence, transitions and more. ?You can even use our flyer creator to customize flyers that match your colors and branding. ?Then upload the flyer to xpressdocs and have it printed right to your door. ?You can see all of your tours in one account. Need a company account? ?We can convert your account to a company account, which allows you a global view and admin presence for all accounts in your brokerage or company. ?You can create sub accounts for agents and place and manage tours, all within one account. ?Each agent gets their own account, branded with their photo, logo and contact info. ?We can even set it to where the company pays for all services, or a hybrid method, where we bill the company for the base subscription fee, and agents pay for all upgrades. ?Contact Sales to discuss options.
    How do I create FloorPlans?
    We have several options for paid accounts:

    1. Upload a plan image you have and use as is for no additional fee.
    2. Use our drawing tool to draw the plan online. ?NOW FREE! ?The tool allows you to upload a background image and trace over it. ?This is a great self service option as you can save a lot of money if you get a marketing brochure or an appraiser’s sketch and do it yourself.
    3. Upload a sketch or architectural plan, appraisers sketch or more and we can clean it up for you – just $30
    4. Select FloorPlan Service and we will send someone out to the property to draw the floor plan for you! ?This service starts at just $139 for up to 1,000 sq ft.

    Pricing varies by option.

    Please view our help video library to get you started drawing floor plans. ?If you work with builders/new home construction, or appraisers, these are great sources to use for tracing a new 3D floor plan. ?You can even use a Matterport tour to create a 2D and 3D floorplan, which unlike the one Matterport provides, is a complete 3D model complete that allows people to drag and drop furniture, change flooring or wall colors and of course, the Claim Home to HomeDiary when they buy it. ?Sellers can also claim it and have a keep sake of their old home, all in their HomeDiary account!